Native Plants

A perfect addition to any garden that can provide an ideal home for pollinators.

Visit the Grow Native! Program to learn more about Missouri native plants.

photo: coneflower with honey bee on top

If you are looking to add some plants to beautify your yard, consider plants that are native to this area. Native plants are adapted to the local climate and provide important food sources for butterflies and birds who in turn pollinate our human food supply.

Where do I purchase native plants locally?

There are a few annual sales that occur yearly, as well as plant nurseries that can be great resources for purchasing native plants.

Mark these plant sales on your calendar:

Of course, call your local nursery to ensure stock any time of the year. Have fun using the Grow Native Resource Guide to start planning your native garden plantings!

Where Can I See Native Plants Locally?

It can be surprisingly difficult to locate native plants. A few places you won’t have any trouble seeing them are: