• Commercial
    Does your business have a lawn or landscaping? You can implement
    Yard Ethic practices at your business.

Yard Ethic Certification is currently for residential yards only but may be expanded to commercial properties in the future. Yard Ethic practices to consider for your commercial property:

  • Do you have parking lot landscape islands where trees have died and need replaced? Parking lot trees are an important way to reduce stormwater runoff, provide shade for your customers, and make your property more attractive.
  • Some common landscape plants are considered invasive. View the Grow Native Top 10 List of Invasive Plants. (pdf)
  • Even if your landscaping doesn’t contain invasive plants, consider replacing non-native plants or adding native plants. Learn more about native plants.
  • Work with your lawn care professional to take a soil test before fertilizing.
  • Reduce the use of pesticides including “weed and feed” products.